Cure Companions™

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Need a companion? Want to be a companion? Just ask!

Please contact us if you need a Cure Companion™or would like to be a Cure Companion™!

A Cure In Sight™ now offers the Cure Companions™ program to provide the newly diagnosed, or those suffering from disease progression, with a “veteran” OM companion to be a friend, to offer support, and to help navigate travel and treatment options.

The Cure Companions™ program provides the following and more!


Please contact us if you need a companion or would like to be a companion!

We will be expanding this page regularly as our program continues to grow. We are looking forward to providing our OM community with friendly assistance and support through Cure Companions™.


3 thoughts on “Cure Companions™

  1. I’m looking for a match for a 22 yr old male treated for ocular melanoma, with eye removed.
    What is your best phone number to reach you?

  2. As the NORD Connecticut State Ambassador, I’m trying to form a collition of all rare disease patients, advocates, family members, physicians and businesses involved in helping rare disease patients and their families. If any patients with ocular melanoma lives in Connecticut, please have them get in touch with me. Connecticut is in the process of forming a Rare disease Task Force to look at ways to help all rare disease patients in our state.
    Lesley Bennett

  3. Hello everyone,
    I am new to this site but searching for others who have been through similar situations. I have been diagnosed with Stage 2 Ocular (Uveal) Melanoma.

    I will be going Dec. 1 to have the radiation implant (aka plaque therapy) and I wondered if anyone has had this. I am wondering if, after the treatment, you are in a lot of pain? Does your eye itch (and what do you do for relief)? I know every patient is different, but I would like all the information I can get, both here and other reliable resources for this condition (even other very active message boards).

    I look forward to corresponding with y’all (yeah, I’m from the Southeastern United States) and thanks, in advance, for any help you could offer in info. Thanks so much, Carla

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