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Our New Shopping Cart is Live!

Thanks to Galanova for our logo and our ribbon design work! Always a great job!

Thanks also to Mike Malcolm for donating his time to design, order and make our beautiful ocular melanoma Awareness sterling silver and enamel ribbon jewelry collection for us.

Ribbon Charm ACIS

Supportocular melanoma awareness by wearing a ribbon!  Our new Shopping Cart page is live today!

CancerCare Financial Assistance

In 2009 Lavelle Fund for the Blind, Inc. approved a Grant of $375,000 to CancerCare, Inc. The Grant is to provide financial assistance and counseling and referral services to 180 Tri-State New York area residents with ocular cancer and other vision-affecting cancers and to help broaden the program’s support base by institutionalizing a direct mail campaign. (1)


Financial assistance is granted to patients who meet CancerCare’s eligibility criteria. (2)

For more information call CancerCare at 1-800-813-HOPE (4673).



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Welcome to A Cure In Sight™

A Cure In Sight™ is a not-for-profit organization founded to raise ocular melanoma awareness and to help those with 0cular melanoma find and pay for the treatments that they need.

Ocular melanoma is a rare eye cancer that develops in the melanocytes of the eye’s choroid, iris or ciliary body. While the initial tumor is nearly always treatable, about 50% of patients will develop fatal metastases.

Currently, there is no cure for metastatic ocular melanoma. However, promising evidence exists that early detection, genetic analysis, targeted treatment, and integrative therapy may guarantee better results.


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